Warehouse Label Types

There are many types of warehouse labels. Here are some of them:

These durable labels identify and track what is on the racks and shelves within a warehouse. They can be placed on racks/shelves or hanging from the ceiling. They can withstand hot and cold temps, and rough handling.

These variable information labels identify and track wooden warehouse pallets. Pallet labels should be durable, in order to withstand tearing, scuffing, abrasion, etc.

Floor labels identify the location of a certain area/floor. They are durable labels that withstand heavy traffic (forklifts, trucks and other warehouse machines.). They consist of aluminum frame drilled to the floor via concrete screws, inside which durable label is inserted. The frame protects the label which can be taken out and repositioned.

Tote and bin labels are used to identify warehouse boxes and bins. They should be durable in order to withstand rough handling.

All these labels can be magnetic (easy to reposition to other locations), retro-reflective (easy to scan from bigger distances), and color-coded (easy to spot).