Warehouse Label Face Stocks and Adhesives

In order to make a perfect warehouse label that will withstand all conditions and last as long as needed, several factors need to be considered:

Warehouse labels are most often synthetic (polyester), with a strong permanent adhesive for harsh conditions. They are usually custom pre-printed and laminated for added strength and durability. Blank synthetic or paper labels on rolls or sheets are used for on-demand printing using thermal transfer printers.

Labels that need to be relocated are usually repositionable or magnetic. Magnetic labels are made from a special material that can withstand harsh temps and can be repositioned without leaving any residue.

When labels need to be scanned from far away (further than 18 feet), labels need to be made from a special retro-reflective material that allows long-range scanning (from up to 35, and sometimes even more, feet). These labels can be affixed to beams, racks, shelves, or placed inside placards hanging from a ceiling.

When positioning labels, it is very important to position them in an appropriate angle that will allow scanning.

Here are some of the most commonly used warehouse labels: